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    We are Excited to Offer a Variety of Steams:

    Individual Steams

    The Sacred Quickie is a 30 minute steaming session used  to promote a healthy vagina, regulate periods and remove old residue from uterine walls. This steam may enhance the libido and tighten the vaginal canal. This steam is tailored to users with normal or long menstrual cycles (28 days or longer), periods controlled by birth control, and users with missing periods.  After consulting with the Vaginal Steam Facilitator, a different blend below may be used if needed.  $50.00

    • The Sacred Gentle Steam (ages 13-18) herbal blend is designed for young women who have recently began their cycle, have short cycles (less than 28 days) or have an IUD.
    • The Sacred Disinfecting Steam herbal blend is a disinfecting blend designed for women suffering from recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), yeast infections, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Irregular Pap Smears, STDs and/or urinary tract infections.
    • The Sacred Menopause Steam herbal blend is designed for women to treat phantom periods symptoms and ease hormonal changes. This blend also gets rid of vaginal dryness and helps increase libido and heightens sexual sensations.


    The Sacred Elite Cleansing Steam herbal Blend is a longer version of the Sacred Quickie.  Clients can steam an extra 15 minutes.  $60.00

    Group Steams

    If you would like to bring a few girlfriends along for this experience, please ask for the Sacredness Special. This group session is $120.00 per person for a required group of 3 or more servicing at one time. This package includes an up to 30 minute steam session tailored to the individuals’ needs.

    The Sacred Night Out is our version of a Pampering Sacred Place Package for brides, bridesmaids, birthdays, or just a day of fellowshipping and wellness for up to 6 guests. This package includes an up to 30 minute steam session tailored to the individuals’ needs, a mini facial, a fruit bar, a glass or two of wine, and a goodie bag filled with Her Sacred Place items. Price starts at $500. Please e-mail hersacredplace@gmail.com with contact information to book this appointment.