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  • Vaginal Steaming Services

    All services are tailored towards helping to reconnect with your feminine energy.



    Book an esthetics package or individual service to include a  vaginal steam (yoni steam), vaginal facial (vajacial), and waxing sessions.

    Book a Vaginal Steam (also known as Yoni Steaming and V-Steaming).

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    Stop using feminine hygiene products with dyes and chemicals! Shop all-natural products here with Her Sacred Place.



    Feminine Hygiene Testimonials

    Women all over love vaginal steaming benefits and our feminine hygiene products. Therefore, you will too!



    I cannot believe my husband asked me when I was going to steam again.  He is actually paying for my monthly sessions!

    The Vaginal Steaming Facilitators are so nice and fully aware of many different treatment options.  I cannot wait to return.

    The feminine oil smells so good and it helped to clear up my dark spots “down there.”  Now, I feel more comfortable wearing a bikini.