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  • Period Related Benefits

    Decrease heavy bleeding during menses

    Decreases cramping, bloating, and other PMS related symptoms

    Bring back “missing period”

    Decreased the length of period (if user suffers from long periods)

    Post-Partum/Miscarriage Related Benefits

    Helps disinfects any tears or stitches

    Reverse uterine prolapse

    Tightens Vagina Skin (“Vagina Lift”)

    Ensures the period will return normal (4 days of fresh red menses)

    Release cellular memories of womb trauma


    Increases fertility

    Causes shrinkage or disappearance of cysts or fibroids

    Assisted uterine cleanse

    Cleanse uterus of bacteria/yeast due to too much cervical mucus

    Helps with womb trauma


    Heightened libido & sexual sensation


    Multiple other benefits

    Heightened Fertility

    Circulation Improvement

    Decreased PMS Symptoms

    Water Retention Disbursement

    Emotional Balance

    Skin Beautification

    Scar Softening

    Prevention of Ingrown Hair