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  • Here is a list of FAQs related to yoni steaming.  E-mail hersacredplace@gmail.com for additional inquiries.


    I am currently pregnant but suffering from severe cramps and morning sickness, can I vaginal steam to help?

    No, it is not safe for a pregnant woman to vaginal steam until cleared of all vaginal bleeding related to pregnancy.  However, it is very beneficial to steam post-partum.  Learn more about post-partum benefits HERE.

    I am currently taking birth control. Will vaginal steaming cause my birth control to fail?

    Vaginal steaming may cause birth implants that are implanted in the arm (Nexplanon) to fail. Please remove a Nuva Ring prior to vaginal steaming. Other forms of birth control have not been documented to be affected. However, use of a backup method, such as condoms, may be used. Please send any inquiries on other forms of birth control to HerSacredPlace@gmail.com.


    I suffer from severe hot flashes, but have heard of the benefits of vaginal steaming. Would vaginal steaming make my hot flashes worse?

    Women suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, or radiating heat have a specific vaginal steaming plan to meet their needs. In some cases, this plan has been documented to help relieve the hot flashes.  Book a steam to help with excessive internal heat.

    I currently have Herpes. Will the increased heat from vaginal steaming cause an outbreak?

    No, it should not. There will be a specific vaginal steaming plan to meet your needs. It is important to be honest about any health conditions you have with your Vaginal Steaming Facilitator, so that the correct steaming plan will be formulated.

    I currently have an open sore in the vaginal area. Should I wait until it is completely healed before vaginal steaming?

    You do not have too. In fact, it has been documented that the steaming can keep the sore clean from infection and allow for a quicker recovery.

    I have fibroids or cysts. Is it safe to vaginal steam

    Yes. It has been documented that women who perform vaginal steaming on a consistent basis will have shrinking or “disappearing” of fibroids or cysts.

    I am suffering from a current infection (yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, etc.), should I vaginal steam?

    It is okay to vaginal steam during an infection. A specific steaming plan will be formulated to address the infection. Learn more about the different colors of vaginal discharge. 

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