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    Discover a wealth of information on feminine health and wellness.  From menstrual cycle tips to reproductive health advice, we provide insight and guidance for women of all ages.  Explore articles on infections, irritation and odor, endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, and tumors.  Through yoni steaming and using healthy feminine products, having a balanced yoni is easy.  For more information, subscribe to the Her Sacred Place YouTube Channel.

    Breaking Negative Soul Ties

    Strategies for Breaking Negative soul ties Recognize and confront the negative soul ties: Identifying the root cause of the negative soul tie is the first steam to breaking it.  Acknowledge the tie and the effect it has on your life. Pray/Meditate about the situation:...

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    Identifying Negative Soul Ties

    How Negative Soul Ties are Formed Connections between individuals formed through positive or negative interactions, thoughts, or emotions are called soul ties.  Ties formed through hurtful, destructive, or abuse interactions causes a negative impact thus called...

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    Yoni Steaming: How Often Should You Do It?

    How often to perform yoni steaming is the most frequent question I am asked before a client walks out of the doors of Her Sacred Place.  It is usually during the initial consultation or after a steam is completed.  Either way, it is a popular question and not an easy...

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