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  • Sacred Feminine Oil


    Blended with Organic & Essential Oils.  No chemicals here! Instead, this oil only contains all natural, organic oils to moisturize your sacred place.

    Refreshes Vagina both Externally and Internally.  Suffer from vaginal odor? Then this works great! Just place a few drops in the seat of your panties or pantyliner to reduce vaginal odor. 

    Reduces Bacterial & Fungal Vaginal Infections.  Due to the antifungal and antibacterial properties of the oils, there is a reduction in infections with daily use.

    Restores Vaginal Lubrication.  Feeling a little dry “down there?” Then use this as a personal lubricant also. Rest assured you will get wetter!

    Not just for the Vagina.  This oil can be used all over the body…even as a facial moisturizer.  Ditch the heavy, creamy moisturizers and switch to this all natural light-weight oil blend.


    Blend of organic and essential oil of coconut, evening primrose, jojoba, neem, aloe, red raspberry, mugwort, motherwort, and calendula. Dried botanicals.

    Best used to BLAST Vaginal Odor when combined with Sacred Feminine Spray.

    yoni oil

    Additional information

    Weight 1.5 oz
    Yoni Oil Sizes

    Full Size (50 ml), Travel Size (30 ml)


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