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  • “On the Go” Bundle


    A well-stocked toiletry bag is the key to never being caught unprepared on the go!  These are essential “on the go” feminine hygiene must-have products that require NO WATER.  Simply apply 1-2 pumps of the foam wash on a sacred feminine wipe and cleanse vaginal area. Foam wash dries down without use of water!   Then use feminine spray to remain fresh.  Voila, an “On the Go” Cleanse.
    Sacred Feminine Spray –  Neutralizes vaginal odor caused by pH imbalances and bacteria leaving a clean, fresh feeling all day long. Prevents excessive sweating for women suffering from “sweaty vaginas.” Soothes irritation and symptoms associated with yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.
    Sacred Feminine Wipes – Box of 24 individually packaged moisturizing cleansing feminine wipes to use during menstrual cycle, on bathroom breaks, or after sex or workout.
    “On the Go” Foam Wash – Foam wash to be used while “on the go” when you need to refresh during work or after a day at the gym.  Simply spray a pump and wipe off with Her Sacred Place Feminine Cleansing Wipes.


    These are essential “on the go” feminine hygiene must-have products. Cleanse with “on the go” foam wash and wipes.  Then use feminine spray to remain fresh.


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