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  • Sacred Yoni Gift Set


    This beautiful gift box includes all things to cherish Your Sacred Place.

    • Our all-natural Sacred Yoni Soap doubles as an unscented yoni and body soap that is mild enough to cleanse the body and ultra moisturizing.
    • Our Sacred Body Wash is infused with apple cider vinegar to help prevent infections and other pH imbalances,  Although it has a subtle lavender scent, this body wash is sure to leave you fresh and clean.
    • Our all-natural Sacred Yoni Oil has fresh rose petals and doubles as both a personal lubricant and moisturizer.  This oil is great at reducing hyper pigmentation, so say good-bye to those dark spots and razor marks on Your Sacred Place.  Shhhh…..I also use it on my face, to reduce the appearance of dark spots.
    • The Herbal Infused Foam Yoni Wash is a wash perfect for those who work-out often or need a quick refresh after sex.  Keep a bottle in your gym bag or purse and squeeze a pump on the Her Sacred Place feminine wipe for a quick refresh throughout the day. This product has been know to reduce vaginal odor throughout the day.
    • Her Sacred Place Feminine Wipes are moisturizing wipes for Your Sacred Place when you need to freshen up, after sex, after using the bathroom, after a work-out at the gym, or during your period.  This box includes both a box of individually packaged wipes and two packs of travel packs.


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