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  • Feminine Wipes: Why Every Woman Should Use Them

    Feminine Wipes: Why Every Woman Should Use Them

    Anytime we are feeling unclean or notice a slight odor, we immediately think to wipe “down there” to freshen up.  While tissue may be helping, using tissue could be the problem.  Read below to learn more about the benefits of using Her Sacred Place feminine wipes as a part of your feminine care routine and how it could help your vaginal health.

    When to Use Her Sacred Place Feminine Wipes

    After Using the Bathroom

    First off, as a woman, the direction in which you wipe is the most crucial thing to know.  ALWAYS WIPE FRONT TO BACK NO MATTER WHAT.  You do not want to accidentally put poop into the vginal area when wiping down there. This is a major cause of UTIs and other vaginal infections. Everyone knows that you MUST wipe after using the restroom whether you pee or poop.  Wiping gets rid of any excess matter and reduces chances of infection and odor.  However, using tissue only isn’t enough.  Her Sacred Place feminine wipes gives an extra umph to keep your area squeaky clean and odor free.  Besides, our wipes are unscented, natural, and chemical free.  So, grab a box of wipes and keep them next to your toilet.  You will notice the change in your vaginal health when you start using these wipes and your friends, family, and guests will thank you!

    During Menstruation


    Do you make sure to wipe when you change your menstrual pad?  If not, you should definitely wipe BEFORE replacing your sanitary napkins each time. Wiping with Her Sacred Place moist feminine wipes in between pad changes helps remove old, dried, blood from the skin and leaves the vaginal region fresh.  For extra freshness, purchase our Herbal Menstrual Pads from the website.  They are infused with natural herbs such as  aloe and mint,  so you will notice a cool, minty sensation with each pad change. I LOVE the feeling of putting on one of these new pads!!!!

    After Sex


    While sex may be great and exhausting sometimes, do not just LAY THERE after intercourse.  It is important to make sure to use the bathroom and wipe your vaginal area clean.  Why should I use the bathroom you say?  Well, this gives you the opportunity to flush your urethra in case any matter was inserted during sex.  Not peeing after sex GREATLY INCREASES your chances of UTIs. So, if you suffer from frequent Urinary Tract Infections, pay attention to this tip. Back to the subject, always clean yourself by showering or wiping with Her Sacred Place feminine wipes after sex to reduce chances of vaginal infections. None of us wants that FISHY smell of BV.


    After Exercising

    Do you shower after leaving the gym?  Well, many gym showers are closed currently to reduce the spread of  COVID-19. As we move into the new year and begin our gym routine, it is important to NEVER leave the gym without cleaning your vaginal region. The friction and movement from working-out causes a lot of moisture down there and is a breeding ground for infection. If you are a gym buff and regularly suffer from vaginal odor, consider using Her Sacred Place wipes after your session.  As an added bonus, purchase the herbal panty liners from our website to act as a barrier between your moist panties and vagina until you get home to change your underwear.  Start by wiping clean with Her Sacred Place feminine wipes and then line your panties.  You will thank me later for this advice.





    Tired of Vaginal Odor or Infections?  Maybe, you just want to be squeaky clean??  Purchase a box of 24 individually wrapped feminine wipes from Her Sacred Place website by clicking here!