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  • Natural Soap: Changing to Her Sacred Place Feminine Bar

    Natural Soap: Changing to Her Sacred Place Feminine Bar

    Did you know there may be harmful ingredients in your soap that causes vaginal irritations and infections?  Some ingredients may also contain chemicals related to hormonal imbalances. Therefore, your fertility issues, night sweats, or menopausal symptoms may be related to the product your are using for your daily skincare cleansing routine.  Switching to Her Sacred Place Sacred Feminine Bar is an all natural soap that is perfect for your cleansing needs without the harmful effects from things found in “other soaps.”  Keep reading below for more information on why switching to HSP Feminine Bar is the best option for Your Sacred Place.

    Benefits of Sacred Yoni Soap

    Contains all natural ingredients, so you do not have to worry about chemicals drying out your skin and causing vaginal odor and infections. This soap contains ingredients you can pronounce and made in small batches to prevent the use of excessive preservatives.  

    Apple cider vinegar has been proven to reduces vaginal odor and may be effective against preventing yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis (BV).  That is why we place a hint of ACV into our soap.  This small change helps protect your Sacred Place. 

    Contains many different oils such as olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and castor oil to fully moisturize the skin and leave you with a youthful glow.  

    Rose petals have antibacterial properties so it tries to keep vaginal infections from spreading. Doubling as an astringent, it deeply cleanses the skin.

    Simply put, this is the best soap to use all over the body as a part of your daily cleansing routine.  Take the challenge and order now here.  Make sure to post your products on Facebook or Instagram when you receive them and tag @HerSacredPlace for a chance to win a free gift!

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