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  • Identifying Negative Soul Ties

    Identifying Negative Soul Ties

    How Negative Soul Ties are Formed

    Connections between individuals formed through positive or negative interactions, thoughts, or emotions are called soul ties.  Ties formed through hurtful, destructive, or abuse interactions causes a negative impact thus called negative soul ties.  Common signs include feelings of control, manipulation, jealousy, and possessiveness.  Furthermore,  negative soul ties prevents personal growth, forming healthy relationships, and finding true happiness. Many individuals seek help from therapy, counseling, or spiritual guidance such as Her Sacred Place to break negative soul ties and move towards healing and wholeness.


    Impact on Relationships, Emotions, and Spirituality

    Negative soul ties lead to patterns of dysfunctional behavior and lack of healthy communications.  This results in emotional trauma, depression, or anxiety.  Furthermore, negative ties affect spiritual growth by creating barriers to connecting with a higher power or purpose in life.  Replacing negative soul ties with positive connections leads to emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing achieved through therapy, forgiveness, self-reflection, and positive interactions with others.  The process of releasing negative soul ties is challenging but leads to profound emotional and spiritual growth.


    Signs of Negative Soul Ties & How to Recognize Them

    soul ties signs

    To end, here are signs indicating negative soul ties presence:

    1. Obsessiveness – Feeling preoccupied with thoughts about the other person or constantly wanting to be around them.
    2. Unhealthy dependency – the inability to function in daily life without the other person’s presence or approval
    3. Anxiety or Depression – Feeling anxious or depressed more than usual, as if there is an emotional hold over you.
    4. Feeling drained – Spending time with this person leaves you feeling exhausted, depleted, or even physically ill
    5. Inability to let go – Feeling stuck in relationships that no longer serves you, but being unable to break free.

    If these signs resonate, reevaluate relationships to determine if the soul tie is negative.  Seeking support from Her Sacred Place staff, therapists, or counselors is helpful to work through breaking the tie.

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